Figurative Language and Nonfiction Text Features

First - third graders have wrapped up their Narrative Writing units.  I feel that students were most challenged to write with a purpose and for an audience. It was fun to read their stories and more importantly, I was proud of their efforts!

2nd, 3rd: We will be starting a Figurative Language unit where we will learn about alliteration, idioms, metaphors and similes.  Figurative language is challenging and I feel that exposing our English language learners to these literary devices will help them not only in appreciating and understanding literature but also in facilitating the cultural gap that may exist in communication.  I think students will enjoy the unit by working together and independently in creating examples of figurative language.

1st: We will further explore Nonfiction texts.  During Read to Self, I have noticed students have taken an interest in my nonfiction library. I am taking this opportunity to dive in further to the features that are important to nonfiction.  Students will go on a scavenger hunt for these features as they read through their texts.  Let the hunt begin!