Welcome to Dever Elementary

September 23, 2016

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Safety drills are conducted for school evacuation/fire, bus evacuation, shelter-in-place/severe weather, and law enforcement/lockdown. Law enforcement/lockdown drills prepare us to respond to threats of violence or serious incidents that could jeopardize our safety. During this drill classrooms are locked and windows are closed. Students move away from windows and doors and remain silent until the all clear is announced. This morning we conducted the required law enforcement/lockdown drill with assistance from the Chicago Police Department. Students also practiced the shelter-in-place drill.

We are fortunate to be a neighborhood school with many parents present at arrival and dismissal and also as volunteers during the school day. Please help us to maintain a safe school community by immediately reporting any suspicious activity. Thank you for your cooperation, concern and support.


Our Website is being revised. Information will continue to be posted to this main page until the new website opens in October. Thanks for your patience while we make the transition.

Picture Day - Prekindergarten through 7th grade - Thursday, September 29th


Dear Dever School Parents,

Please join me for the Annual Title 1 Parents Meeting.

This meeting will be hosted by: Mrs. Rita Ortiz

When: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Where: Dever School Multi-purpose Room, 3436 N. Osceola Avenue

Time: 8:15AM

At this meeting I will review and distribute the following:

a.       The Dever School CIWP

b.      The Dever School Title 1 Parent Involvement Budget Plan

            c.       The Dever School Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy                                                                         d.     The Dever School Title 1 Parent Compact                                                                       

              e.      The Dever School Title 1 Budget Itemized

f.        The Dever School Title 1 Parent Funds Budget

g.       CPS Title 1 Parental Involvement Policy

h.      CPS Title 1 Parental Involvement Guidelines

i.         The Dever School Annual Title 1 PAC Organizational Meeting Date (9/21/16 following the Annual Meeting)

j.        The Annual Title 1 Parents Meeting Evaluation Form



William E. Dever Title 1 Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Annual Organizational Meeting

Wednesday – September 21, 2016 – 8:45AM (immediately following the 8:15AM Annual Meeting)

William E. Dever School Multipurpose Room 


1.       Welcome / Call to Order

2.       Introductions

3.       3.Establish a meeting quorum (6) parents

4.       Roles and Responsibilities of Officers

5.       Appoint Election Officer (PAC/LSC Facilitator or other person with knowledge of election procedures)

6.       Election of Officers

a.       Chairperson

b.      Vice chairperson

c.       Recording Secretary

d.      Correspondence Secretary

e.      OMA/FOIA Officer(s)

7.       Vote on PAC meeting dates and times (SY2016-2017)

8.       Public Comments (2 minutes per person)

9.       Adjournment



On a trial basis, we are implementing a morning arrival/drop-off plan In an effort to address traffic congestion and safety concerns. The curbside lane on the east side (school side) of Olcott from the playlot to the mobile will be a drop-off lane only. There will be no parking in this area. Use this area as a "drop-off and go" lane. Students may not exit cars in the middle of the street. If you wish to wait with your child until he enters the building please park in another location. We will assess this plan to determine if it improves our traffic congestion and revise it as necessary. Your suggestions to improve safety are always welcome. 


CPS Office of Student Health and Wellness provides information related to recess and weather. The District encourages schools to provide students with the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Please send your child with clothing appropriate for outdoor  recess. These factors are considered when making the outdoor versus indoor recess decision: student safety, temperature, wind chill, humidity, precipitation, ground conditions and air quality. PLAYWELL recess cold weather guidelines are: Above 32 degrees with or without wind chill recess should be outdoors. Between 31 degrees and 15 degrees with or without wind chill principal has discretion regarding outdoor or indoor recess. Below 15 degrees with or without wind chill recess should be indoors. PLAYWELL recess warm weather guidelines are: Heat index of 90 degrees or below recess should be outdoors. Heat index between 91 degrees and 94 degrees principal has discretion regarding outdoor or indoor recess. Heat index above 95 degrees recess should be held in a cool location.