Welcome to Dever Elementary


Chicagoans contribute 20% of the state income tax, and CPS students make up 20% of the state's enrollment - but CPS students only receive 15% of the state's funding. The missing 5% is almost $500 million this year alone - enough to save teachers and class sizes. For every $1 students across Illinois get, CPS students only get $0.74.We all work hard to prepare our children for their future - but that future is threatened by Governor Rauner's education plan, which includes more cuts to CPS. Because of the state's discriminatory funding system, CPS will have to keep cutting its budget. That means fewer resources for your child. Discriminating against Chicago's children and teachers is wrong. Make sure your representatives know that you won't stand for more cuts to our classrooms. Our students need your voice. Take action now. Join the fight for equal funding at cps.edu/equality.

Wednesday Theme Days - June 1st - wacky hair day; June 8th, Dress to impress - fabulously fancy; June 15th, Dever wear day


CPS Office of Student Health and Wellness provides information related to recess and weather. The District encourages schools to provide students with the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Please send your child with clothing appropriate for outdoor  recess. These factors are considered when making the outdoor versus indoor recess decision: student safety, temperature, wind chill, humidity, precipitation, ground conditions and air quality. PLAYWELL recess cold weather guidelines are: Above 32 degrees with or without wind chill recess should be outdoors. Between 31 degrees and 15 degrees with or without wind chill principal has discretion regarding outdoor or indoor recess. Below 15 degrees with or without wind chill recess should be indoors. PLAYWELL recess warm weather guidelines are: Heat index of 90 degrees or below recess should be outdoors. Heat index between 91 degrees and 94 degrees principal has discretion regarding outdoor or indoor recess. Heat index above 95 degrees recess should be held in a cool location.