Welcome to Dever Elementary


Dever Receives Creative Arts Certification from CPS:


We are proud to announce that Dever is a CPS Creative Arts Certified school with a "Strong" rating.  This is quite an honor, and the accolades go to Dever teachers and Dever students who are dedicated to being well-rounded citizens.  A special thanks goes to Mr. Auriemma, our music teacher and Arts Liaison.  Mr. Auriemma has led the campaign to collaborate with Dever teachers and students to bring more arts programming to our school.

For earning this award, Dever school receives additional funding for the Arts as well as the Creative Schools Certification on the school progress report.


CPS Office of Student Health and Wellness provides information related to recess and weather. The District encourages schools to provide students with the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Please send your child with clothing appropriate for outdoor  recess. These factors are considered when making the outdoor versus indoor recess decision: student safety, temperature, wind chill, humidity, precipitation, ground conditions and air quality.